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A US based firm offering a range of inventory management solutions for your business.
Bizzclouds offer a wide range of inventory solutions to match your business venture

What makes us different?

Cloud based solutions

The cloud approach guarantees that you have convenient access to your business data at any time given. The plus factor in here is, you won’t need to worry about compatible hardware when investing in a cloud solution

Zero Initial cost

Choose the monthly payment package that suits with your budget

Bundled Software

Benefit from a collection of cloud based tools for the price of a one. Each and every kind of decision supportive tools which you might be needing, all those tools are bundled when you buy this package. There’s no need to pay for an extra tool

Zero switching Cost

If you are already using a system to run your business, you can switch to our solutions without any additional fee

Minimal Maintenance

Our dedicated servers will be up and running 24/7. Server maintenance is carried out within the off–peak hours

Cloud based Solutions

Yes! In the air… so your PC won't feel a thing when you chunk the numbers big and hard. Let our Servers do the math for you..

Initial Setup Cost .... ZERO

Enjoy the show first. Pay later! No initial payments before setting up your business solution in your fingertips.

Pay zero for extra PC’s

Turn your home PC to your work PC! Access your business data from your home and save on additional fee for extra PC setup

Men at work… When you rest at home

Dedicated servers will always be up & running when you need your data. We’ll put men at work when you’re fast asleep at your home.

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Inventory Management Solution

Our inventory solution is top notch, with a rich set of reports within few clicks for you to better understand the transactions between the customers and the suppliers.

The bizzPos comes with a comprehensive dashboard so everything you need to know ‘In a nutshell’, you’ll see presented as per the word. The bizzPos comes attached with a POS module for easy setup within your business environment.

Hotel and Restaurant Management Solution

bizzRest is able to automate all the inherent standard procedures within typical hospitality management environment.

Starting from front desk management, where the key operation is situated in your hospitality business, until you can finally reach the important decision making reports, such as food costing, revenue, forecasting…the list goes on.

What we offer is a cloud based business solution where implementation and integration of each & every core operations module has been sleek and optimal, to fit your daily chores’ hustle.

Order Taking & Delivery Solution

mPos will aide you to take over all the standard maneuvers carried out within your order taking & distribution venture neatly into a single automated operating solution, you won’t have to ever worry about running out of stocks alarmingly or fretting about missing your precious customer’s shipment in due time. All will be reminded to you by mPos and you can take your actions accordingly, without any hassle.


bizzDash is your portal to all of the business decision making. This is a live feed of all the business transactions, brought right back on to your fingertips, in a dashing style. This dashboard is available to all the Apple and Android smartphones and tablet devices.


Modern businesses do need to make their presence in the internet world as the channel allows businesses to reach out to many un-touch customers who are browsing through the internet. But most of the time this front end of the business and the back end of the business lacking the connectivity meaning that the business’s e-commers site and back end business operation are working independently. Us here at BizzClouds, we do understand the limitations which is created by this particular connectivity gap. With this and our knowledge of Retail as a whole, we have been able to complete some exciting integrations where bizzPos and bizzCart are working as complete bundle

Loyalty Management Solution

We know… you love your customers as we love ours. bizzRewords offers as a nifty system module, which you will get bundled with any of our major business automation solutions. The catch? Well, it’s free.. you won’t have to pay extra for memorizing all your valued customer data within a centralized data chunking, decision supportive pal; bizzRewords does it for free!

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